SkAD Labs Trademarks

A non-comprehensive list of SkAD Labs' trademarks is set forth below. These trademarks should be used only in accordance with our Trademark and Brand Guidelines

Our Trademarks

  • SkeletonCAx
  • MAR
  • Medial Axis Representation
  • MAM
  • Medial Axis Mesh

Trademark and Brand Guidelines

These guidelines address how you should properly use trademarks when referring to us, our products, and/or the products we interface with or include with our products. You may use our trademarks in order to refer to us or our products and services, if you follow these guidelines.

Using Our Trademarks

When using our trademarks, you must use the ™ designation immediately following the trademark. For example: SkeletonCAx™. When using a trademark of ours, you must include a trademark attribution, wherever such attributions are normally included, indicating that this trademark is a trademark of ours. For example: “Medial Axis Representation is a trademark of SkAD Labs Sàrl.”

Our Logos and Design Marks

You may not use any of our logos or design marks without prior written permission from us, and you may not create any other logo or design feature incorporating our trademarks.

Our Trademarks in Publication Titles

Publication titles may not incorporate any of our trademarks without a license, except as follows: You may use our trademarks in the title of a single issue book or a serial publication if you (1) comply with all of the guidelines set forth above, (2) include a statement that you are not affiliated with SkAD Labs Sàrl and that SkAD Labs Sàrl has not authorized, sponsored, or approved your book and is not otherwise connected to your book, (3) for serial publications, you must not make any of our trademarks the leading or dominant component of the title (for example, ABC Magazine for SkeletonCAx™).

Third Party Trademarks

When using a trademark of another company you must follow their trademark guidelines. When using the trademark of another company in close conjunction with one of our trademarks, for instance to indicate compatibility between two products, you must use a ™ or ® designation as appropriate by each trademark. In addition you must indicate the owner of each trademark in an accompanying trademark attribution. For example: “SkeletonCAx™ is a trademark of SkAD Labs Sàrl. ABC Trademark® is a registered trademark of ABC Company.” As shown in the example, the trademarks of each company should be listed in separate sentences. Trademark attributions should be included wherever such attributions are normally included, for instance in the edition notice of a book or at the bottom of a web page.

As in the above example, our trademarks should be clearly differentiated from those of any other companies.