First Beta-License of Skeleton|CAx™ Deployed

SkAD Labs SA, the next generation Virtual Product Development software company, has just reported its first deployment of a Skeleton|CAx™-Beta license. This is the company’s debut in making their novel engineering software commercially available for test and evaluation purposes to selected industry partners. The licensee is undisclosed, however, is referred to as a “pioneering Fortune 1000 multinational software corporation”.

“This is only the beginning of our early commercialization efforts”, said Dr. Bernhard Petermeier, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of SkAD Labs SA. “Our business team is in negotiation with several well-known leaders in the automotive, aerospace and machinery industries. The goal is to select early innovation partners in all our strategic target markets. Our partners will not only gain early access to our disruptive technology, but will also have the opportunity to bring in their ideas and contribute to the development of a software environment that will give them a competitive edge.”

Skeleton|CAx™-Beta is allowing the first users to understand and test this novel technology in a real-world environment. It is a stand-alone software, running locally and requiring no installation. This early version will help to channel the future features deployment roadmap. Currently, it allows to convert and visualize the Medial Axis Representation™ (MAR™) and features a deformation function for single parts. Skeleton|CAx™-Beta marks the completion of all building blocks of the new kernel and a basic user interface. Over the next months, these building blocks will be refined and extended until the final release will be available in Q2 2018.

About SkAD Labs SA

SkAD Labs SA was incorporated in July 2016 as a spin-out from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) with the objective to develop and commercially deploy a breakthrough Computer-Aided Design and Simulation software based on Medial Axis Representation™ (MAR™) technology developed within the former LICP Laboratory of EPFL. SkAD Labs is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in Timișoara, Romania.

Skeleton|CAx™ is a novel a virtual product development software promising to deliver a 50% speed up in the development process of engineering products. Skeleton|CAx™ is an advanced, intelligent system, capable to autonomously create designs, simulate physical behavior and achieve a specific optimization goal. As a consequence, engineering product design will become as easy as running software code: With a press of one button.

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