next generation virtual product development

Do you want to reduce time-to-market?

SkeletonCAx enables engineers to design, simulate and optimize in a single software environment, delivering up to 50% reduction in the development process of mechanical components. We are radically changing the way engineers are working through software that eliminates digital process gaps. SkeletonCAx delivers significant speed up in the development process of engineering products, while improving overall design quality, at significantly reduced user expert knowledge.

Why current CAx systems don’t work

Current CAD and CAE systems are built on incoherent scientific fundaments created independently in the ‘60s and ‘70s. These solutions fail to deliver fast product development cycles due to their conflicting way objects are represented, processed and stored.

We fuse CAD, CAE and CAM to one CAx software kernel that allows to perform all tasks directly on a single digital model. SkeletonCAx is therefore closing digital gaps and removing time intensive manual tasks from the hands of R&D engineers.

Next generation CAx

For more than half a century now, people thought CAD and CAE were acronyms for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering. In reality, however, Computer-Aided Documentation and Computer-Aided Examination would be more appropriate. Computers barely aid engineers’ design, the design is in their head, they use the computer to document, validate and iteratively refine it. It is like paper, pen and slide-rule have been replaced by powerful machines, but the tasks they are performing are still similar...


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