Do you want to reduce time-to-market?

Skeleton|CAx™ enables engineers to design, simulate and optimize on the same digital 3d model, delivering a reduction in the development process of mechanical components beyond 50%. We are radically changing the way engineers are working through software that eliminates digital process gaps. Skeleton|CAx™ delivers significant speed up in the development process of engineering products, while improving overall design quality, at significantly reduced user expert knowledge.

Release 1 highlights

  • Linear static structural
  • Nonlinear - large deformations
  • Transient linear
  • Transient nonlinear
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Heat transfer
  • Medial Axis Meshing™ (MAM™)
  • Medial Axis Transformation
  • Thickness Analysis
  • CAD model export

Skeleton|CAx™ Release 1 is available for engineering companies eager to introduce a novel, disruptive technology into their product development environment.

Why Skeleton|CAxTM?

"For the first time in 50 years, Skeleton|CAx™ is offering a completely new approach to simulation."

Built on breakthrough MAR™ technology

Skeleton|CAx™ is built on a breakthrough technology researched and developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Our technology has been developed by world-renowned experts, is proven, patented and endorsed by leading authorities in the mechanical CAD and CAE world.

Fast learning curve guaranteed

Simulation can get complicated quite fast, especially if you’re a rookie. Skeleton|CAx™ is making it easy for you. It’s guiding you through the process, while MAR™ is making sure you’re creating meaningful results. Focus on understanding your product, instead on the numerical obstacles!

Geometric intelligence

For manufacturing or processing it can be important to quickly grasp a design and identify vulnerabilities. Injection molding or heat treatment might be an example. Skeleton|CAx™ analyzes everything on the press of one button, so your designers and engineers can build better products.

Better mesh generation

Skeleton|CAx™ uses Medial Axis Mesh™ (MAM™), a structured Hex-dominant mesh that can be created for any kind of geometry. If you want to reduce your simulation time, or you are performing large deformation simulations like forming processes, this feature is going to make your day.

CAx instead of CAD and CAE

Sometimes, obtaining a simulation result is only the start of an analysis. If you want to import deformed shapes into your CAD software as a fully functional CAD model, or you want to simulate further on it, we got you covered! MAR™ uses a single digital model for CAD and CAE. Everything created with Skeleton|CAx™ is therefore both at the same time.