Now available: SkeletonCAx™ Release 1

a breakthrough in mechanical design and simulation

Do you want to reduce time-to-market?

SkeletonCAx™ enables engineers to design, simulate and optimize in a single software environment, delivering up to 50% reduction in the development process of mechanical components. We are radically changing the way engineers are working through software that eliminates digital process gaps. SkeletonCAx delivers significant speed up in the development process of engineering products, while improving overall design quality, at significantly reduced user expert knowledge.

Release 1 highlights

  • Linear static structural
  • Nonlinear - large deformations
  • Transient linear
  • Transient nonlinear
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Heat transfer
  • Medial Axis Meshing™ (MAM™)
  • Medial Axis Transformation
  • Thickness Analysis
  • Optimization beta

Why SkeletonCAxTM

"For the first time in 50 years, SkeletonCAx™ is offering a completely new approach to simulation."

Built on breakthrough MAR™ technology

SkeletonCAx™ is built on a breakthrough technology researched and developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Our technology has been developed by world-renowned experts, is proven, patented and endorsed by leading authorities in the mechanical CAD and CAE world.

Structural analysis for beginners and experts

For newcomers or designers looking for fast concept development, detailed design, virtual testing and fast prototyping, as well as for experts looking to model complex and nonlinear cases. The intuitive "zero-knowledge" approach of SkeletonCAx™ enables every engineer to quickly examine physical behavior.

High level of automation

MAR™ does not only speed up calculations through its automatically generated structured mesh (Medial Axis Mesh™, or short MAM™), it also allows you to capture the deformed shape for evaluation and consequent operations including further simulations. SkeletonCAx™ provides quick and exact results on all simulation cases; you can also examine linear and nonlinear behavior of materials and geometries.

Lightweight on your hardware

SkeletonCAx™ is a lightweight desktop application that runs on either Windows or Linux machines. Its timeline functionality lets you capture and roll back to the state of every simulation and geometry file that has been worked on in the past.


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