SkAD Labs


The Medial Axis

Our patented technology is built on the principle of the Medial Axis Representation™ (MAR™), or popularly known as the skeleton of a virtual object. MAR™ is changing the way 3D digital models are represented and composed in software applications. Our representation is volumetric, unlike the traditional model - the Boundary Representation, which represents an object by its outer limits. This opens up a whole new set of exciting functionalities, which are reflected in our products.

The MAR™ enables to perform CAD drawing as well as Finite Element or CFD simulations directly on the same model and to store the results in a seamless manner. The simulation results, in particular the deformed shape, is fully recovered and can be used for evaluation or for consequent operations including further simulations.

Why current CAx systems don’t work

Current CAD and CAE systems are built on incoherent scientific fundaments created independently in the ‘60s and ‘70s. These solutions fail to deliver fast product development cycles due to their conflicting way objects are represented, processed and stored.

We fuse CAD, CAE and CAM to one CAx software kernel that allows to perform all tasks directly on a single digital model. Skeleton|CAx™ is therefore closing digital gaps and removing time intensive manual tasks from the hands of R&D engineers.